[dcdev] Suggestions
2004-01-09 6:41
[email protected]

Hi everybody,

For this new year, I have 2 little suggestions for the new protocol. It should be interested to have a protocol which can be encapsulated in HTTP protocol.
* Some users have a net connection at work (who does not have one ? :) ) but they must go through a web proxy (apache, ...) to reach the net (like me@work) and most of the time, on these proxies, the command CONNECT is disabled, only GET and PUT are usable. It is interesting to reach such users because they may have big network connections (companies have money to pay big one :) ) and most of the time, this type of connection is less loaded during night (local time).

[Note: I have tested this at work with bittorrent and it is far better than my home connection ;) ]

* Another suggestion linked to the previous one. Why not using HTTP protocol as user-to-user protocol ? it provides everything we need and can go through all proxies. Perhaps we can only use a subset of HTTP protocol because there is things we don't need.


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