Re: [dcdev] zSearch extension
2003-12-25 10:08
Direct Connect developers

--- Todd Pederzani <[email protected]> wrote:
ade wrote:

>If there are no further comments on the zSearch
>extension, I'm adding it in the next release of
>  >
The only comment I have is a trivial one: why 'z'?  To me that implies something to do with zlib and compression.
Also, if you're going to implement it in MoGLO, did
you decide on send an initial $MyINFO?

 - Todd
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The original reason for the "z" was for the user to be
sorted way down on the userlist in the clients, thus
being less annoying, but now "zSearch" is referred to
glo/moglo all the time so I figured it would be good.
I haven't decided on wheter to use myinfo right now.
It's a little hard to make it work, I think. Either
you'd need a way to make it grab the info
automatically from DC++, and even if that worked,
there are so many clients and mods it wouldn't work
too well. The other way would be something manual
where the user would need to enter sharesize & tag all
the time, but that would be painful to keep up to date
and rather hard to make users interested in.


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