Re: [dcdev] New Encoding Scheme First
Todd Pederzani
2003-12-19 3:29
Direct Connect developers

Todd Pederzani wrote:

Don't bother trying to argue against them; these are my suggestions on what the protocol should do.

This is phrased ever-so-badly.  /Please /add your own suggestions, just don't get bogged down in arguing against mine.  I know some people participating in DC forums love DC just the way it is, and karma and upload queues (and queue rotation) would somehow ruin it for them.  All of my suggestions come from other P2P clients (including BitTorrent, but eMule and Shareaza in particular), and I think some of their lessons can be applied (or should be possible) in any new protocol.

Like Sandos said, the emphasis should be on what we want the protocol to *do* rather than it should *look*, shouldn't it?

- Todd
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