[dcdev] Re: Protocol draft.
Jernej Simončič <[email protected]>
2003-12-03 8:14
"Jacek Sieka on [dcdev]" <[email protected]>

On Wednesday, December 3, 2003, 19:42:23, Jacek Sieka wrote:

Ok, since everyone's doing it, I will as well...
http://dcplusplus.sf.net/ADC.htm (yes, it's an ugly filtered word htm thing
etc, but that was just to get the nice autonumbering)...I threw it together
in two hours so I've probably forgotten a bunch...

A few comments:

,-----[ ERR <code> <description>\r\n ]
| 5 Temporarily banned, next parameter must be an integer specifying the
|   number of seconds left until it expires, followed by the textual
|   description as usual (This is used for kick as well?).

I'd like the hub to reset the number of seconds left for certain bans - this
way, the user has the chance to fix his problem without getting reconnected
and kicked (and possibly permanently banned) while he was away -- or should
we make "don't reconnect if kicked" a requirement?

,----- [ INF <CID> <field1> <field2> ? <fieldN>\r\n ]
| IP Client IP, using standard notation from above with port. Sending this
|    field to the hub with an IP means that this client wants to run in active
|    mode. If this field is missing (or empty), it means that the client
|    should be treated as passive.

IMHO, IP should be sent from the hub to client. This would solve a lot of
problems for clients behind routers (with forwarded ports) with dynamic IPs.

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