Re: [dcdev] Re: New Encoding Scheme First
2003-12-02 5:48
Direct Connect developers <dcd[email protected]>, Fredrik Tolf <[email protected]>

 > And that's just the parsing mechanism. All sockets are in
 > non-blocking mode - when underlaying tcp kernel wouldblock, im
 > buffering data by myself - no blocking, no threads.

Oh yes, sorry for being unclear. I hadn't expected you to use blocking
sockets. I was mainly thinking about the time you have to wait until
sending again.

waiting ??? waiting => blocking socket. non-blocking socket => polling and polling costs nothing

Also, if you must insist on a binary protocol, I for one would like to
see that it handles all the words in a binary manner as well. Each
command would begin with (possibly a start word,) a word count, and
then having each word begin with a character count. Example (big
endian, 16-bit counters, no start word):

00 03 00 04 "Chat" 00 14 (20 character UUID) 00 0E "Hi everyone!\r\n"

Of course, in both protocols, all human readable words should be
encoded in UTF-8, if that wasn't already obvious.

I think this is the only thing on what everyone agrees :)

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