Re: [dcdev] Protocol draft.
Anakim Border
2003-12-02 7:42
[email protected]

I have also something harder (too hard to produce an example manually). You know the $Search query. Using a standard text protocol (only 1 command allowed, you have no limit, it is a
draft :) ),
produce me an example working for searching:
1) an mp3

$Search pattern mp3|

2) an avi bigger than 2MB

$Seach pattern avi 2097152|

3) an mp3 bigger than 2 MB but smaller  than 10MB

$Seach pattern mp3 2097152 10485760|

4) an avi or an mpg being bigger than 350MB but smaller than 700MB

$Search pattern avi,mpg 367001600 734003200|

The 2 first cases are easy, show me the third and the fourth :)

IMHO there is nothing a binary protocol can do that a text one can't. The only thing it has to be considered is efficiency.


    Anakim Border
    [email protected]
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