RE: [dcdev] Re: New Encoding Scheme First
Fredrik Tolf
2003-12-01 9:20
Direct Connect developers

John Bäckstrand writes:
> >Admittedly, binary protocols do have advantages, it is simply a
> >matter of which way you want to go. That is a stance we will have
> >to make before designing a new protocol, and personally, I am in
> >favor of a text-based protocol.
> > I agree with this. Also, note that parsing imo is a tiny, tiny fraction of
> cpu-time spent by the hub. What takes time in a hub is, unsurprisingly, the
> broadcasting.
That is precisely what I thought. Since binary protocols have almost
no advantages except speed (and possibly security, since sloppy
programmers have been shown to put in some bugs along with quoting
code) over text protocols, I would very much like to see a text
protocol being implemented.

However, it would be nice to have someone profile a hub to verify for
sure that that's true. Has anyone already done so, or is someone up to
the task? I would prefer not to do it, since I have no hub software

Fredrik Tolf

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