Re: SV: [dcdev] File hashing
Fredrik Tolf
2003-11-30 2:32
Direct Connect developers

John Bäckstrand writes:
> >Doesn't that still take pretty long both the first time the client
> >starts and when you add, say, a movie that takes a GB or so? Are
> >you by any chance using a much faster algorithm than eg. MD5?
> > With my 1400Mhz hashing seems to be taking a few seconds for mp3s,
> and minutes for 600MB-files. This is 1) Much faster than my
> download speed 2) Fast enough to make any latency between a
> finished download and the hash being available tolerable, assuming
> no other hashes are being calculcated.
> > In short, hashing times are not really a problem. There is no need
> to hash the entire share in 10 minutes.

But how about the first time you start the client, or when you move
something into your share from somewhere else?

I have been thinking that hashes might not have to be made available
immediately, but can be calculated while the client is running. Is
that the approach you have taken?

Fredrik Tolf

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