SV: [dcdev] File hashing
John Bäckstrand <[email protected]>
2003-11-30 5:10
"'Direct Connect developers'" <[email protected]>

Doesn't that still take pretty long both the first time the client starts and when
you add, say, a movie that takes a GB or
so? Are you by any chance using a much
faster algorithm than eg. MD5?

With my 1400Mhz hashing seems to be taking a few seconds for mp3s, and
minutes for 600MB-files. This is 1) Much faster than my download speed 2)
Fast enough to make any latency between a finished download and the hash
being available tolerable, assuming no other hashes are being calculcated.

In short, hashing times are not really a problem. There is no need to hash
the entire share in 10 minutes.
John Bäckstrand

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