Re: [dcdev] File hashing
Fredrik Tolf
2003-11-30 4:52
Direct Connect developers

[email protected] writes:
> At 01:36 AM 11/30/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> >What are the current thoughts on file hashing? I mean, I don't think
> >anyone has missed what advantages it would have to be able to hand out
> >MD5 or SHA1 sums on all shared files, but on the other hand it would
> >take unreasonably long to hash 100 GBs every time the client is
> >started.
> >
> >So are there any plans in this area?
> > I've implemented it in my DC++ mod (BCDC++).
> > It stores hashes of files it's hashed, so it needs only recalculate them > when they change.

Doesn't that still take pretty long both the first time the client
starts and when you add, say, a movie that takes a GB or so? Are you
by any chance using a much faster algorithm than eg. MD5?

Fredrik Tolf

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