Re: [dcdev] File hashing
Todd Pederzani
2003-11-30 2:17
Direct Connect developers

On Saturday, November 29, 2003, at 07:57  PM, [email protected] wrote:

I've implemented it in my DC++ mod (BCDC++).

It stores hashes of files it's hashed, so it needs only recalculate them when they change.

Just for information use, for those who can't go to Sedulus' website and download the source (which admittedly I have not yet done either), BCDC uses Merkle hash trees and the Tiger algorithm to hash files.  This the primary scheme that Shareaza uses.  A little more information can be found in the THEX 0.3 draft:


On the DC++ forum and in the public/private hubs we've talked more about the subject, including vague musings over the possibility of hashing files according to other schemes, to perhaps benefit from Sharereactor, etc.  There's a bit of history in the area of thinking/talking about hashes.

Fredrik, what exactly did you want to know? ;))

(and what do you work on, if you don't mind me asking)

 - Todd
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