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Todd Pederzani
2003-10-24 5:19
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Hi.  I know a few of the people I'm sending this to, but not everyone.  We all work on software for the Direct Connect network, yet from what I've seen, we don't interact with each other on a meaningful level.

A short while ago, some motivated individuals set up a mailing list, as an alternative to the countless web forums, hub chats, etc.  I'd like to invite you all to sign yourselves up:


There are a fair number of users already subscribed (including [but not limited to]: arnetheduck, ptaczek, jon hess, opera, ppk, sandos, sedulus, black claw, and fusbar), but I saw saw some omissions, and this mail is the result.

What's really lacking is a solid DC Development community.  We do not need to start a union or make our clients/servers look like each other, but I think we can certainly collaborate, and engage in some friendly competition that will improve the quality of the software for all of our users.  And most importantly, if we all work together, we can innovate on the DC protocol without breaking interoperability (what a beautiful trap that is).

Even if you're not interested in the list, feel free to stop by the development hub:


Share and Enjoy!
 - Todd
(DC++ Lackey ;))

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