Re: [dcdev] Where shall we even start?
"Walter Doekes" <[email protected]>
2003-09-05 2:37
Direct Connect developers

On 4 Sep 2003 at 19:51, Todd Pederzani wrote:
Is there any short or long-term goals to this list?

I think this would be a cross-section between the wiki and the main chat, but with better response times and hopefully more elaborate replies ;)
... as long as everyone checks their mail regularly :P

Everything I've seen points at slower development, a little talking,
not much communication between client and server programmers.

the slowness could have a lot to do with ending holidays, and work and/or studies starting again.
the communication between clients and programmers has been.. ..well actually a lot better since more people joined the private hub. although ptaczek and aMutex have been invisible for quite a while there.

Anyhow... so what now, gentlemen (and ladies[?!!?])?

personally, on my todo list are:
- the $UserCommand's
- when I have the time, but mostly the inspiration/courage/will, some sort of Wizard that would set up the nickname, the amount of slots, and the shared directories in DC++
- I think twinks Download-To-PredefinesFolder context menu item is a good thing, and I'd get working on that way before the wizard ;)

- Wallie / Sedulus

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