SV: [dcdev] Where shall we even start?
Gustaf Räntilä <[email protected]>
2003-09-05 1:58
"'Direct Connect developers'" <[email protected]>

As I might've said a few times, I'm very much into your third point. I
know I've expressed myself pretty clumsy, but I've written a doc which I
know fusbar initially thought was a little overkill. It's more or less a
try I'd say, if you all feel it's useless then I'm not the one to keep
on working on it for no use ;)
It was initially just a thought that I just had to write down, and why
don't you have a look at it, if you feel you're interested.

The text about my suggestion of a Supports command can be found at:


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Fredrik Stenberg
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3) Documentation of all extended protocol-commands, such as
$Supports, $NetINFO, $BotINFO, $HubINFO, $ZBlock, $UserIP.....
Probably one thread / command.



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